Tech Talk at Mercy High School


I was fortunate enough to be able to spend last Friday with 4 of my teachers and a huge bunch of our colleagues at the Tech Talk Conference at Mercy High School.  I was also able to meet my Twitter “peeps” and Apple Distinguished Educators Karen Bosch (@KarlyB)  and Larry Baker (@labcbaker) which was fantastic.  Liz Kolb (@lkolb) gave an amazing keynote on asking students what they want to do – it is a question that could change the course of their educational lives.

I left the day-long conference very energized and excited about what we have in Michigan for Professional Development.  Besides these in-service programs, we also have #MichEd chat on Wednesday evenings on Twitter.  Be sure to connect with these educators and join us (even just to follow along) in the chat.  You won’t be sorry!

More information on Mercy’s conference can be found here:

You can also follow the #MHTalk conversation by searching the hashtag or clicking here.


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