iPad 1:1 and Summer Learning

I am in the process of wrapping up my school year, but still a huge question remains: will the students take the iPads home in the summer?

The iPads are school-owned and we are Pre-K to 8th grade (only K-7 will take them home). The difference is that we are a private school, so students do not have to return.

I’m also starting a summer learning program where I plan to send home an “assignment” each day, a different subject per day of the week. It would go home via email. We send all of our information that way right now as well.

I’m not sure that the students would ‘need’ the iPad for this process. Plus, I really need the time to reimage them and get them set up for next year. I just really feel like they should have them. Just not sure it’s the best plan.

I would LOVE feedback!


One thought on “iPad 1:1 and Summer Learning

  1. That a hard decision that leaves me with more questions than answers.

    – Do the students use only one device? If so, do they really need to be reformatted at all? Or, by reformatting, would you be deleting their work that they may want to keep. I know I would be very frustrated if my own device was reformatted and cleaned off each summer.

    – Do you have many students who do not return to your school each year?

    – Do they usually take the devices home during the evenings and weekends?

    – Have you asked the parents what they think? Some might feel it is too big of a responsibility for the entire summer.

    I think it is great that the students have this opportunity! Good for you for being willing to provide them with activities over the summer. I would only wonder if something to do every day might be too much. Although, I am sure that many of the activities will be short, fun activities!

    Can’t wait to hear about your decision and how it goes. Sorry I wasn’t very much help.

    Tia 🙂

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