Brainstorming and Drafts (2/30 Blogging Challenge)

I am very glad that Akevy (@Akevy613) started us on this blogging challenge after the interview with Kelly Tenkely (@Ktenkely) on PrincipalCast last week.  For some of us, the challenge is simply sitting down to write daily.  It’s been a struggle for me in the past but it is something I truly need to do for myself.  I am glad this challenge started!  Though I have not spent a lot of time blogging thus far (this is my second post due to a stomach virus) I have been working on it in parts that have not yet been published.  I have been much more conscious of writing down ideas that may possibly become blog posts. 


I utilize Drafts by Agile Tortoise for my iPad and iPhone.  It is by far the best app I have found for capturing and saving information.  Once you create a draft, you can send it to OmniFocus, Evernote, Twitter, FaceBook, and many other apps.  It truly is the missing link between the iPhone/iPad and everything else in the universe 😉

What is your favorite catch-all for brainstorming?  

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4 thoughts on “Brainstorming and Drafts (2/30 Blogging Challenge)

  1. Hi
    Thanks for sharing and particiapting.
    I dont really have a tool but i ust wanted to add this is a great tool t ouse with students as well. Brianstorming ignites creativity. With y class we use to use Webs.
    Again thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I have never heard of this app, but plan to seek it out right away. I am always looking for productivity apps that make notes and brainstorming more convenient. 🙂

  3. I love that we are able to connect & share our learning… side by side. The power of connections!

    I wish I had been on the ball when I starting blogging to actually think about my ‘how’ & not just my ‘why’… that would have saved me a ton of time when it comes to crafting & creating blog posts. I use the notes app on my phone… but honestly what is the most important for me right now are the titles of my posts… they are what spark my thinking as a blogger!

    As soon as an idea pops into my head & draft a post right away & write the title. From there, I scour Flickr & other creative common sites to find a picture… from there the words flow.

    Looking forward to learn from you over the course of the next few weeks… and most certainly beyond!

  4. Let me begin by saying “I am working on it.” I sort of stink at technology. I’m not old, I just turned 34. The modern computer and I grew up together. I remember the floppy and the Okidata printer. I was there for it all. But something never clicked for me. Sure, I could rock Oregon Trail but coding and online gaming? What? As an educator, however, it isn’t optional. Really, as a human, technology is becoming a necessity. So, in the spirit of life long learning I am trying to embrace what I don’t understand. I have to admit… it’s kind of awesome. However, my ideas go into my writing journal and there’s no app for it. It’s made of paper and I love it. For now.

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