#PrincipalCast Summer Series – What is coming up? (Day 3/30)

The #PrincipalCast summer series is winding down, but it has been amazing so far!  We were fortunate enough to discuss Life After the PrincipalShip with Peter DeWitt (he also helped with some travel tips!).  We spoke with Kelly Tenkely on how she started her own school and the way she differentiates and individualizes everything.  We had the ability to speak with Daisy Dyer Duerr (special guest host Drew Frank) about opportunities for summer learning that are available.  So much information, and such wonderful and amazing people to have the option to learn from!

What do we have coming up, you ask?  AMAZINGNESS.

On August 10, we speak with Ben Gilpin after #Edcampleadership.  We are working with Chris Wejr on August 24 on the topic Preparing for the New School Year.

August 31 is a Special Mystery Guest that you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!  We will be releasing information very soon, but trust me, you want this on your calendar!

Which has been your favorite episode so far?

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2 thoughts on “#PrincipalCast Summer Series – What is coming up? (Day 3/30)

  1. Thanks for sharing
    If it wasn’t for the principal cast with Kelly this blog challenge would never had happened so you get some of the credit

  2. I really like how you are connecting so many educators & admin through Podcasts…

    I have never really explored the world of Podcasts but my husband has been a huge fan for years…

    Just goes to show we can learn in so many ways:)

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