(4/30) The Forefront of Technology on a Scale of 1 to 4

If you asked 100 teachers if they were on the edge of technology in education right now, how many of them would answer a “four” on a 1 to 4 scale if “four” were the highest?

I have always seen myself as being on the forefront of technology in education, but when we interviewed Brad Gustafson a few weeks ago on PrincipalCast, he started speaking to us about augmented reality. I had never heard of augmented reality let alone used it in school.  (View the episode and show notes here.)

Do you think that some teachers who have a one-to-one iPad program and use Edmodo in their building believe that they are on the forefront of educational technology? Do you think that students who tweet in their classroom would give their school a “four”on that scale? What exactly is the forefront of technology in education?

What would you consider to be a “four”? More importantly, what would your students consider a “four”?


2 thoughts on “(4/30) The Forefront of Technology on a Scale of 1 to 4

  1. I think you are asking some beyond critical questions Theresa… not only for teachers, but for our profession as well. What does it mean to use technology in a meaningful & transformational way? How do we ensure that all students can access the learning & continue to grow, sustain, & nurture their thinking through the use of technology?

    A year ago I would have given myself the highest ranking possible… that was before I was firmly planted back in a school after having been a consultant for 3 years & another away to work on my masters. Now? Not so sure… I think I am open to using any & all tools necessary to access the learning. But for me it isn’t about the tools… they change so fast I can’t keep up. It is the mindset, the willingness to learn & be open to change that makes me feel like I am on the right track.

    I will continue to think about your post & questions often today, and for many days after… it is a question worth pondering.

  2. Great Post
    I find it funny that you think teachers would say there were a 4. I was in a 1:1 iPad school and the biggest issue we had was getting teachers to understand how to use the technology and would say most of the faculty would have said a 0-1.
    I do think it would be a great idea to create some type of rubric to rank teachers, and so that there are clear standards and benchmarks
    Thanks for sharing

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