Time to #LoseTheSnooze


If there’s one thing I do well it is hit the snooze button. I’ve done it as long as I can remember, I just really love to sleep! There really is nothing like feeling your body laying heavily in bed in the morning (especially on those cold Michigan mornings!) I’ve been trying my best the last few years to lose this habit. I just can’t seem to shake it. No matter how much I know I need to get out of bed, I convince myself it makes more sense to sleep in and get those last few treasured moments, even though I know that I’ll feel worse afterward.

That ends tomorrow morning with my alarm clock.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. It’s time to stop putting things off, getting them done, and living and working like there’s no tomorrow. That includes losing the snooze.


Special thanks to Jessica Johnson for the kick in the pants I needed!

Watch this video, and you’ll want to #LoseTheSnooze with me:



Staying Healthy to Outlast the Marathon of the School Year (#PrincipalPLN Episode 6 Season 2)

We are the best at taking care of others, the worst at taking care of ourselves. In this episode we share tips to take care of yourself first so you can be the best principal you can be to last the whole school year long!

Spike’s book is out! Check it out: Connected Leadership: It’s Just a Click Away

#PrincipalPLN Episode 5 – Safety Principles for Principals

Episode #5: Safety Principles for Principals
What’s been happening?
On to our topic…
-“Safety 10” -Talk about it for 10 minutes at each staff meeting after they’ve all been in their classrooms.
-Have a way to notify parents instantly (auto-message system). ex: SchoolReach, BlackBoard Connect, Remind
Monthly Mentor Checklist – applies to entire year, but have mentors discuss safety protocols with new teachers before the start of the year.

#PrincipalPLN Season 2 Episode 4 – Twas the Night Before the First Day of School

In this episode we catch up on what we’ve each been working on, what we wish we would have done earlier so we aren’t stressed now (the story of principals’ lives!) and what is most important the first week of school.

Need some ideas on books to read in classrooms the first week of school? PrincipalJ shares ideas HERE.

Stay tuned for future podcasts on…

Staying Healthy to Outlast this School Year Marathon

Guest Hal Elrod, Author of The Miracle Morning

Series of podcasts on tips for being efficient

New Episode – Let us help plan your first staff meeting (Part 2)

 Great resources for planning your first staff meeting of the year:

First Staff Meeting Ideas:

Pass the Buck

Notes to prepare for my first staff meeting (includes what I learned from What Great Principals Do Differently by Todd Whitaker)

Mr. Bean idea then have teachers “pack their suitcase”

Example of a staff meeting agenda

Personalities Matter–Tools

Example of agenda/plans for new teachers/mentor day

Flipped meetings

The First Five Days of School

Youtube Clips are always good to include:

https://www.youtube.com/user/DrSanfelippo (go to presentation videos)

http://www.principalj.net/video-clips-for-staff-meetings-2/ (blog post with a few and links to other posts with videos)

The Fun Theory

Kid Snippets Too Sick for School (search youtube for other funny “Kid Snippets”)

Penguins (for teamwork)

What Teachers Make

When I Become a Teacher (use with new teachers)

Kid President: Pep Talk for Teachers and Students

The Principal Meltdown

The audio is available for download here: https://soundcloud.com/principalpln/principalpln-3a

My contribution to the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

I have completed my #IceBucketChallenge as challenged by Dr. Spike Cook.  I am not nominating anyone, but I challenge you to donate to a cause close to you and please send in a few extra supplies to your classrooms this year – either for the teacher to use or for the students who may need them.  You can visit the link below to view my challenge if you’d like.  





New Podcast Episode – Let us help you plan your first staff meeting!

Great resources for planning your first staff meeting of the year:

The most important meeting of the year is your first staff meeting. Don’t make it be a sit and git…staff meetings should inspire teachers for the work they have to do, give them ideas to implement in their classroom and be a chance for ongoing professional learning.
Ice breaker suggestions:
You can also use the spider web ice breaker to show strengths and how the school is better as a whole than individually.  Have each staff member share a strength or a special talent instead of what is suggested in the site.


The audio is available for download here: https://soundcloud.com/principalpln/principalpln-3a